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PostSubject: builds   Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:31 pm

il post how i like to build my Igear.

the main idea is to start with a grind build then restat to pvp at either lvl 68 or 78.

for the grind build add spririt and fuel as needed untill you get to 30 in each. dont go over 30, its all you will need
you want just enough agi to use a decent engins, i like to get it around 100. put all the other points into atack.
this will ensure fast grinding. use a prizma with this build because you dont have enough eva to make fox usefull (i still use fox with it cuz i love how fox looks and i hate prizma.)

for pvp you should be able to get your eva around 300 and either 30 or 50 spirit, 30 fuel and the rest into attack. use fox with this one.

for cpus always try to get ones that give spirit and fuel. 20 fuel is better then 20 agi cuz 20 fuel = 20/3 = 7ish stat points saved 20 agi = 20/4 = 5 stat points saved. you will need to have your cpu built into your build.
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