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 VB Core Mission

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PostSubject: VB Core Mission   Tue May 27, 2008 2:32 pm

The Energy Core Mission in VB, its not realy dificult for I-Gears, basically what you need is a nice missile (edrills or a good arrow), and intertrans engine (slow engine). First go high altitude and fly to the position in the canyon where is the coordinate data box. From there use iur slow engine and get into the down part of the core (Like luke in the dead star, but not high speed). That way the missile launchers (ML) in the top position of the core will not target iu, or if they do iu are protected by the core structure. There iu only need to worry about 2 ML at north position. Take them down every time they spawn and the rest of the time attack the core. easy dont?

Tips. take down one air ground caņon (AGC) before taking down the ML to know when they are going to spawn (they do it after this AGC do)
If iu get out amo just put iur fast engine on and go fast to the pad, the core regen hp very fast.
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VB Core Mission
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